Offering Onsite Microsoft Excel training to your staff members

Microsoft Excel Training Classes At Your Company

Get your staff up to date by offering on-site Microsoft Excel courses.  It has been reported that the majority of Excel users have never had formalized Excel training.  They tend to learn from experiences, co-workers, or work projects.  This can cause productivity issues in your office when simple tasks take longer times for completion because of inept skill sets.

To get your staff on the same skill level, offer training that start with basic Excel knowledge and gradually build up until you get to the advanced topics you are comfortable with.   When deciding your training curriculum, keep the lower 25% in mind.  You want the training to be inclusive so it reaches all staff members.  This will involve staff members who may not be as proficient as others.

Basic excel topics could include things topics that introduce the users to the Excel interface.  Examples of this would be new features of Excel 2007, creating basic formulas,  creating graphs and charts, and printing basics.  Intermediate topics would be functions (Vlookup, If, Count, Sum,etc),  templates, filtering, sharing and auditing workbooks, and data validation.  While, advanced topics could include more advanced functions (MATCH, INDEX,etc), Importing, macros, real time data exports, etc.

Your training provider should be flexible with the content offered and be willing to judge your staff’s needs in the proposal phase of your training event.  Ask your staff members what they expect to gain from the training and design your training event around their expectations and your goals.   Be sure to do an evaluation and follow-up to see what was learned after the event is done.  This will allow you to see what was retained and will be used after the event is complete.

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