Mileage Log Template

Free Mileage Log Template

The easy-to-use mileage log template tracks the mileage you drive your vehicle for business. This spreadsheet is an invaluable tool if you claim your mileage for business on your income taxes.

The mileage log template is fully customizable and downloadable for free on this page. It is easy-to-use and provides an effective method of tracking mileage information.

How To Use the Mileage Log Template

  • Download the template and save it to your desktop or USB. It is important that the mileage log is saved in a location that is accessible for ease of use and also one that is easy to remember
  • Customize the headers to suit your individual needs. For example, you may not require the time of the trip, so that column can be deleted. If your travels don’t take you outside of the city you reside in, then you would be able to delete the “from” and “to” columns
  • Record vehicle usage. Once the spreadsheet has been saved, it is critical that the mileage be recorded on a regular basis. Some find it convenient to do every day while others might prefer to complete the log once per week. Consistency is key when using the log.

Tips for Using the Mileage Log Template

  • Note that the spreadsheet has columns set up for personal and business usage. Therefore you can easily pull the mileage for business usage at the end of the year. This is especially important if the household only has one vehicle.
  • Customize the mileage log template for your personal usage. Try the template for a week and decide if it has all the columns you need. If not, it is very easy to add more in; conversely if there is a column that is not useful, delete it.
  • Input the mileage driven into the mileage log template and do it regularly
  • Track fuel consumption. Columns can be added to track the mileage per gallon the vehicle gets. This can be further divided into city and highway driving

When vehicle mileage has to be tracked, this template makes the process fast and easy.

Download: Mileage Log Template

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