Monthly Budget Calendar

This budget template is the perfect tool to get a handle on your monthly spending and start saving for the future. Everyone has financial goals, big or small. Maybe you’re saving for a new house or even just a new car. The Budget Calendar is here to help you step-by-step. It will guide you through all of the information needed to analyze your income and expenses and come up with an amazing savings strategy. Just download the free file at the bottom of this page to get started.

Monthly Budget Calendar Instructions

You’ll begin by entering your income information in the top left corner of the page. There is a space for the amount you want to budget and your actual income as well.

The template has conveniently broken down major expenses into separate categories highlighted in green. The template includes a section for: home, daily living, transportation, health, holidays, monthly fees, entertainment, and so much more!

Anything you can possibly think of comes packed into this comprehensive Budget Calendar. All you need to do is go through and fill out the empty white spaces and let the calendar do the rest! The template will automatically calculate the totals for each section and give you an overview in the top right-hand corner of the page, under the “Month Total” section

All of the gray areas are spaces that will provide you with calculations so there is no need to type anything in them. Once you have your Monthly Budget sheet packed and ready to go, you can print the document for later review. Simply press the “File” button at the top of the page and select “Print”.

Reasons to Use the Monthly Budget Calendar

  • Everything you need is conveniently on one page
  • Calculations for totals are done for you
  • Clear overview is presented at the top of your screen

Download: Monthly Budget Calendar

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