Monthly Budget Sheet

You finally have all the tools you need to organize your personal monthly budget. This color-coordinated template has everything you need listed out All that’s needed is to type in the proper numbers into their associated spaces. This comprehensive Budget Sheet makes everything as easy as possible for you to list your monthly expenditures. The template also provides plenty of examples of common household expenses that wouldn’t occur to most people. Master your monthly finances with this simple Budget Sheet.

Monthly Budget Sheet User Manual

After downloading the free file below, go through each color-coordinated section and fill in the template with your financial information.

The green “Cash Flow” section is where you can view your total monthly income and your total monthly expenses based on your financial statement.

The “Monthly Income” section is where you can enter your various forms of income for the entire household. This information will automatically be applied to the “Cash Flow” section at the top.

Finally, the red “Monthly Expenses” table lists most of the possible recurring and one-time expenses that occur on a monthly basis. The tables of this section are broken apart by category: housing expenses, transportation, insurance, food, children, pets, personal care, transportation, entertainment, loans, taxes, and savings.

All of the financial information is calculated and visually displayed at the top of the page in the form of a convenient bar graph. The graph will show you the difference between your projected income and expenses with your actual totals.

After everything has been properly calculated and entered into your Budget Sheet you can print the document. Simply click the “File” tab at the top of your screen and select “Print”.

Best Reasons to Use the Monthly Budget Sheet

  • Color-coordination makes organizing your information easy
  • Graph at the top for a great financial overview
  • Breaks up expenses into separate categories for convenience

Download: Monthly Budget Sheet

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