Monthly Dinner Calendar

The Monthly Dinner Calendar is a great way to start eating healthier for the New Year. Many people lose track of the number of times they eat out. By planning ahead of time and organizing your dinner schedule with this convenient Dinner Calendar, you will get into the mindset of eating right and continuing a nutritional diet well into the next year! The document is structured for you to plan week-by-week all your meal and stick to this routine. It will even help you cut down on your shopping expenses because you’ll know exactly what you need and not waste money and time on unhealthy snacks. Start eating healthy and achieving your fitness goals for the year, download this free calendar today!

How to Use the Monthly Dinner Calendar

To download the free Dinner Calendar, simply click the link provided below.

Notice that the Dinner Calendar has an entire month per page, with a featured image at the center. All the days of your week are listed to the right and at the bottom of the page is a “Notes” box.

The text box is where you will enter the titles of your meals. The first month gives you an example. Just refer to the days of the week to the right of the calendar, write that day, and then write the name of your dish next to the number.

Then all you have to do is look at the current day and then you’ll know exactly what meal to cook. It helps for both cooking and grocery shopping to plan your meals 1 week in advance. When you finish your list for the week, head to the grocery store and buy the ingredients so everything will be prepared when you get home.

As an added bonus, you can also take a picture of your favorite meal of the month and change the stock photo to that picture. To do this, simply right-click on the stock image and select “Change Picture”. You can do this for all twelve months and include those dishes for next year’s calendar. With each passing year, your meals will become more and more customized to your unique taste buds!

Now you have the means to start eating and feeling better. Download the free template today to get started!

Download: Monthly Dinner Calendar

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