Monthly Exercise Log

The Monthly Exercise Log is the best tool to perfect your workout routine and push the boundaries of your weightlifting. Many people struggle to get passed a certain number of reps or amount of weights after a certain point. This template was designed to help you organize your workout schedule in such a way to where you will monitor the amount of reps, weight, or sets that you can accomplish and encourages you to keep pressing forward. With this template you’ll see what methods are working, which ones don’t, until you have a definitive way of reaching the next level. Read the instructions below to learn more about this Exercise Log.

How to Use the Monthly Exercise Log

The first step to achieving a better workout is to click the link located at the bottom of this page to download the free template file to your computer.

The Monthly Exercise Log is composed of one simple page and is really simple to start using. You can see that the first column has a list of weeks 1-5 and the different sets, reps, and weight you will be undertaking for your workout.

At the top of the page is where you’ll enter your specific exercise. Simply click the cells titled “Exercise” and write your exact routine. Under those exercises, you will easily enter the amount of reps, sets, and weight you did for the day.

Continue doing this through the week and see how you naturally progress. On the days where you did better than usual, start to note what you did differently. Maybe you tried a different form or a new pre-workout supplement that gave you the extra edge you needed to surpass the previous days.

Using this method, you can narrow down what works well for you and stick to that routine instead of wasting time on methods that don’t work for you.

Download: Monthly-Exercise-Log

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