Moving Inventory List

Free Moving Inventory List

When organizing a big move for your house, organization is key. You don’t want to forget items and lose them during the process of your move. This is particularly useful for small but valuable items that could easily become forgotten and lost in the oftentimes hectic process of moving. However, moves do not have to be hectic like this, and downloading the moving inventory list allows you to be certain that all your valuables big and small are accounted for.

Downloading this useful template for Microsoft Excel will make the moving process a speedy one. It will give you an exact idea of the items that you will be taking when you move. Downloading the Microsoft Excel Moving Inventory List can guarantee that your move is an organized and painless process. It can help you easily keep track of your items and has many appealing advantages, such as being customizable, free, easy to understand, and available for convenient download on this page.

After downloading the template, all you must do is enter your items into the list and you’re on your way to a quick, painless, and organized move.

Using the Moving Inventory List

The Microsoft Excel Moving Inventory List is simple and straightforward to use. After downloading the moving inventory list and opening it up in Microsoft Excel, customize it to reflect the inventory of your house and items that will be brought with you in your move. All of your items, plus descriptions and other information such as purchase price, purchase date, serial number, and photos, can be added to the main section of the moving inventory list.

Taking this straightforward step and adding your items to the moving inventory list can guarantee that all of your items are accounted for. All you must do is add them and their relevant information to the template.

Additionally, the top of this Microsoft Excel template offers a section for your name and address, as well as your insurance information. This section of the template has spaces for you to input your insurance company, policy number, agent name and contact information, taking organization even further.

Download: Moving Inventory List

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