Moving Inventory Sheet

Free Moving Inventory Sheet

A Moving Inventory Sheet can help you take stock of everything you own. It is never more important to have a good list of your belongings as when you are planning a move. There’s nothing more nerve wracking than watching every single thing you own as it gets loaded on a truck and watching it drive out of the driveway.

Having a Moving Inventory Sheet allows you to check off items as you put them away in at your new home. The template for the Moving Inventory Sheet is easy for everyone to use and it is available as a download that is completely free. The Moving Inventory Sheet is a way to store all of your important information for everything from your valuable furniture to jewelry to heirloom dishes in one spot. Walk from room to room and make a list of everything you own as you go.

Using the Moving Inventory Sheet

When you enter the information on the easy to use sheet, you will make a note of each item, large and small, where it was purchased, and any serial or identification numbers and model numbers that might help you identify it should something become lost in the relocation or ever need to be replaced. Include the name of your insurance company and your policy numbers along with all of the contact information for your insurance agent(s).

Having all of this information in one spot makes this an essential tool for any homeowner. Customize the form by adding spaces to include any information you would like to have on your own list.

When you use the Moving Inventory Sheet you can take this opportunity to add the estimated amount of what the item is worth. If you keep a running total this will be a great reference sheet for you to return to again and again to estimate the worth of your belongings.

By downloading this free form and entering the necessary information you will have taken an important step in keeping track of everything you own and logging a comprehensive personal inventory.

Download: Moving Inventory Sheet

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