Multi-Option Family Tree Template

Do you wish you knew more about your family but your mother or grandmother can’t quite remember anything beyond their own childhood? Many people feel this sense of historical and familial significance but sites that store this information can be expensive. You’ll end up doing a lot more research than you originally bargained. The Multi-Option Family Tree Template is a free and efficient way to catalog this information for your children and even their children! Give them the opportunity to bond with their lineage with this document!

How to Use the Multi-Option Family Tree Template

Begin by downloading the free file below. Once you click on the file you can start to change the template to fit your very own family.

This template comes with three different layouts for your family tree. There is the classic style that extends from right to left and tracks up to five generations back. The second tab, marked “Mr. and Mrs. Family Tree”, is intended for tracking both sides of your parent’s family. The final tab, “Connected Family Tree”, tracks the family of you and your significant other but starts a new limb for your very own family to grow!

Once you choose the template you want, you can select any line from the tree and enter a name. You can also include any details you need, such as: their date of birth, country of origin, and even how they’re related to you!

After entering all the names and information you want you’ll be all set to print. The template is formatted to be as easy and convenient for you as possible. Just print out the document and you’ll be able store it away or display it for the whole family to see!

Top 3 Features of the Multi-Option Family Tree Template

  • Comes with three different layouts.
  • Only requires simple information for efficiency.
  • Easily customizable to suit your unique family.

Download: Multi-Option Family Tree Template

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