My First Check book Template

Many children go without learning the finer points of finance. They struggle to save money for a rainy day and never truly learn the value of a dollar until their well into the twenties. You can send them on the right path by downloading the template. This is a safe and easy way to teach your child how to respect money. Don’t let your child struggle to build a savings account later in life; give them the tools they need today.

My First Check book Template Instructions

After you download the free file you can learn the basic structure and ideas behind the template on the helpful instructions page located on the second tab. Here you will be able to see how to efficiently start customizing your own document.

Even without reading the instructions page, the template is very intuitive. On the “My First Check book” tab. The language throughout the template is made for children to easily understand what to write down. The columns at the top list the various items to fill out.

The only thing your child needs to write down is the date that they made a transaction. In the next box they will write a quick description of where that money went, how much they spent or received, and how much of their total amount of money is left over.

You simply print this document out each week, and teach your child how to initially use it. This way, they gain a firm understanding of how money is spent and saved. This is a great habit to get your children into and the earlier, the better.

Top 3 Features of My First Check book Template

  • Teaches your child great financial techniques for the future.
  • Language is formatted for children to easily understand.
  • Comes with a detailed list of instructions for efficiency.

Download: My First Check book Template

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