NBA Schedule 2016-17

NBA Schedule 2016-17

It’s finally basketball season and because we love to help everyone out with their goals, hobbies, and passions, we have just the tool you need to stay on top of all the matches this season. This free NBA Schedule 2016-17 is a template that tells you which teams are going to play against each other at the start of the season. You can use this template and all of its functions to track the current standings of every team this year. You can even see what venues are being played so you can catch the action live and in person. If you’re a true fan, download the free template today.

Using the NBA Schedule 2016-17

Download the free NBA Schedule 2016-17 by following the link below.

The first step to using this free template is to enter the information listed at the very top of the page. Here, you will need to enter your time zone, the team you want to follow, and the venue.

Go ahead and enter all that information into the NBA Schedule 2016-17 template. Now you can go down to the main table below. In this section you can see every team that will be playing against each other in the first set of games, more importantly, your team that you listed in the section above will be highlighted for you to find easily.

In between each team that the teams that are playing each other, you will have a space to enter the final score. You get to do what you love first, watching the game, and enter two numbers after. It really is that easy.

If you’re someone that likes to go to the games of your favorite team in-person, the list of venues is given to the far right of the first table.

The tables to the right of the page take the scores you enter in the previous table and give you the current overall standings as well.

This NBA Schedule 2016-17 template makes tracking your favorite teams for the NBA season simple and easy.

Download: NBA Schedule 2016-17

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