NCAA Office Pool

ncaa office pool

March Madness represents a time where basketball lovers and casual sports fans unite. Folks from all corners of the country participate in office pools every year. In a March Madness office pool, people put on their prognostication caps and attempt to pick as many games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament correctly as they can. Depending on the number of people participating in the pool, tracking the action can be tough for those in charge. However, an NCAA office pool worksheet is now available to make running this year’s pool easier than ever.

NCAA Office Pool: The Opening Weekend

The popularity of March Madness is due in large part to the opening weekend. What is now known as the “second round” features a total of 32 games, and a total of 48 games are played during the four-day stretch from Thursday-Sunday. These rounds always promise three things: drama, blowouts and upsets.

NCAA Office Pool: Running a March Madness Office Pool

Running a contest is made remarkably easier by utilizing an NCAA office pool worksheet. Before entering the schools, games and participants in the pool, you have to determine how many points each correct answer will be worth.

There are various different ways to go about awarding points. The easiest is to just award one point for every correct answer throughout the duration of March Madness. Some prefer to use a weighted points system. This system can award more points to those who properly predict upsets or give more points to those who have teams that go deep in the tournament.

The next step is to add the schools and games to the office pool worksheet. The worksheet will keep track of every game and award points to those with correct predictions. This will keep the pool organizer from having to go through every sheet and awarding points by hand.

The final step is to add the pool participants and their selections to the worksheet. The sheet will keep track of their picks and update the overall standings as games end. As March Madness winds down and a national champion is crowned, the office pool victor will be determined quickly and easily by using the March Madness office pool worksheet.

Download: NCAA office pool

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