Net Present Value Calculator

Net Present Value Calculator Excel

Net present value is defined as the difference between cash inflows and outflows. NPV is a great way to calculate reliable future cash flows for business, and it is also mainly used to identify if a certain investment or project will generate profitability for the business or individual. Businesses can easily determine their net present value by using the net present value calculator in template form.

Using this template can give financial analyst the ability to evaluate the expected impact of a capital budgeting project concerning the financial bottom line of the company. The net present value calculator excel template is very easy to use, it is also customizable to excel, and lastly it is free. Whoever is using the template needs only to fill out the necessary boxes that pertain to their business and finances, then excel will calculate the appropriate values.

Tips on using the net present value calculator excel template

  • First download the template from
  • Next, fill in the company’s appropriate data if necessary such as name and contact information.
  • Thirdly, fill in the relevant data that the company or the individual wants to be analyzed. They should also make sure all of the input data is correct to avoid making mistakes.
  • Lastly whoever is using the template (net present value online calculator) should save it to the appropriate file on their computer or even at a place like Google Docs to avoid losing it.

One prolific bonus of using the net present value online calculator is that it compares the same money now to some future value of the money later. It also gives businesses a nice way to compare their cash flow. For example, a business can compare the positive and negative sides of the net present value. One that value is determined, you can easily use that in deciding whether the project deserves to be accepted. Overall, businesses can use the net present value calculator in template form to their greatest advantage.

Download the Net Present Value Calculator from Microsoft Office: Net Present Value Calculator

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