New Employee Orientation PowerPoint

Hiring a new employee is exciting. That means your business is growing. When hiring a new staff member planning for an orientation is essential so that the new team member will feel at ease and welcome. Using available tools such as a New Employee Orientation PowerPoint presentation will help them become more familiar with your business and how their job should be performed as well as any safety information that is necessary for job performance.

Download a New Employee Orientation PowerPoint Template

Having a template will make it simple to create a captivating presentation for new staff members to get the feel of you, the company and their new duties. There are many great ways to use this template for employee orientation.

  • Download the free New Employee Orientation PowerPoint template.
  • Open the template in PowerPoint, or other compatible program.
  • Edit the template to fit your place of business and its purpose.
  • Use the template to orientate your new staff members.

Uses for the New Employee Orientation PowerPoint Template

  • The presentation can be used to give a new employee a virtual tour or your business and their work area. This will help them become familiar with their new surroundings. Upload photos of important areas that they will need to remember like the break room, rest room, time clock or other areas that they will need to know.
  • The New Employee Orientation PowerPoint can be used to review safety procedures at your business. Having a visual presentation is helpful for new staff to get to know any special regulations involved with their employ.
  • This template can be used to introduce what the new employee’s duties will be. Visual aids are helpful with orientating new staff members of their duties.

Editing the New Employee Orientation PowerPoint presentation is simple. The sample text can be edited to fit the purpose of the presentation and photos can replace the samples photos. There is no limit to what a PowerPoint presentation can do to help with employee orientation. There are animations and sounds that can also be edited or added to a presentation. It is a very powerful business tool.

Download: New Employee Orientation PowerPoint

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