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Free New Listing Flyer

Selling a house takes a lot of work and can sometimes be a challenging task. This new listing flyer makes advertising a home a whole lot easier. It is an easy, yet unique, way to get the word out about a new home listing.

There is plenty of space for five different photos of the home as well as a spot for the asking price, realtor information, etc. Along with these features, there is a lot that you can do with this versatile new listing flyer template including list important facts such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms, add details about an open house, include your contact information and a photo of you, and so much more. Distribute these flyers to friends, family, and local businesses and your house is sure to be recognized by many.

How to Use this New Listing Flyer Template

  1. The first step to using this template is to download it for free right from the site. Once it has been downloaded, open it up in Microsoft Publisher and get ready to customize it.
  2. Customization is truly simple with this new listing flyer. Put in all the relevant information about the asking price, realtor, open house, and so on. The way this flyer is set up, it reminds you of all the important components that need to be included which makes customization very straightforward.
  3. Add pictures of the house as well as one of the realtor (or you!) to each of the open spots. Choose the pictures wisely as most people are very visual learners.
  4. Finally, print out the flyers and make copies to distribute to anyone who may be interested in the home as well as friends and family who might know of people looking to buy a new home.

Tips for Using this New Listing Flyer Template

  • Pictures are very important. Consider using a photograph of the house from the outside as the largest photo then use pictures of some of the rooms for the smaller photos underneath. Also, select a professional photo of yourself or your realtor.
  • Be sure to put a realistic asking price on the flyer. Do not compromise too early since negotiation is always an important aspect of selling a house, but do the market research to ensure your price is reasonable.
  • For maximum exposure, spread these flyers everywhere even if it seems like an out of place location to hang up a flyer, the more visible they are, the more success you will have.

Download: New Listing Flyer

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