New Year Expense Tracker

New Year Expense Tracker

Ever wonder how much you spend on gas, groceries, or rent each year? Or just monthly? The New Year Expense Tracker is a simple Excel sheet to track and total your purchases by the week, month, or year.

How to use the Excel Expense Template

Begin by downloading the Excel sheet using the link below. The one page sheet is easily divided into sections for you to simply enter data. The top red bar reads “Business” as an example, but you can change it to reflect what you are tracking, such as fuel or groceries.

Next, fill in the column with your [Name] and the start and end dates of this tracker (monthly or otherwise). Then, below the thin red line is where your expenses are actually logged and calculated. When you want to log a purchase, input the [Date], a brief description of the expense, what type it was (fast food, dining out, etc) and the amount spent. The notes section can used for reminders such as “Used 20% off coupon” or “Rebate for $50”.

Once you have filled in your expenses, the Total at the bottom will add it all together and show you the full amount. After that, you’re finished!

Tips on using the New Year Expense Tracker

  • Use this template as a budgeting tool. Logging your expenses weekly or monthly and then comparing them can help you decide where to cut spending.
  • Save each Excel sheet and compare it to your bank statement. This can help you detect fraud or inaccurate charges.
  • Create a limit within the Excel sheet to help you budget. Mark at the top an amount you don’t want to go over, and then track your total at the bottom to see when you’re close to hitting that budget amount.

Download the New Year Expense Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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