NHL Schedule 2016-17

Hockey season is finally here and we have just the tool you need to stay in the loop this season. The free NHL Schedule 2016-17 is a comprehensive document that tells you which teams are facing off first so you can track the games and monitor the current standings. Not only does this template tell you who is facing off first this year, but it also allows you to track your favorite teams so you can follow them from venue to venue this season as their number one fan. If you’re ready to take your NHL game to the next level, download the free template file below.

>Using the NHL Schedule 2016-17

Download the free NHL Schedule 2016-17 by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

At the very top of the document, you will see a space to select your specific time zone, the team you want to follow, and the venue. Go ahead and enter all that information into the NHL Schedule 2016-17 template.

Next, scroll down to the main table of the document and look at the teams that will be playing each other first. You will notice that each set of teams has a box next to their names. This is for you to enter the final score after you watch the game.

You will also notice that the team you entered to follow above is highlighted so you never miss a single game that they play. To the right of the teams, the venue where they will be playing is also listed for your convenience.

As you continue to list their scores, the NHL Schedule 2016-17 template will take that data and provide you with the overall standings within the tournament. The tables to the right separate scores by division, just find the team you want to check up on in the first column and follow along with their progress.

This NHL Schedule 2016-17 template makes tracking your favorite teams for the NHL season simple and easy.

Download: NHL Schedule 2016-17

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