Nonprofit Budget Template

Microsoft's Non Profit Budget Template

You are probably motivated by selfless interests if you work in the nonprofit world. The harsh realities of finance and making money are most likely not the focus of your efforts. Instead, you reach out and do meaningful work to benefit the world. The difficulty lies with the fact that things cost money to do. No matter how charitable your intent, your non profit business is in fact still a business. In fact, fiscal stability is essential to success and a key point funding sources consider when choosing whom to give money to. That is why the Nonprofit Budget Template is essential for your enterprise. Free and easy to use, it makes the record keeping clear and concise and is downloadable right here.

How to Use the Nonprofit Budget Template

  • First, ensure that you have accurate records and a clear idea of distinctions for your revenue streams. Foundation funding is not the same as corporate grants, and fundraisers are distinct from ongoing donations. Identify a separate line item for each source of income.
  • Next, do the same for expenses. As before, keep in mind that there are distinctions even though paying the bills may make it seem like they are all the same. .
  • Finally, download the Nonprofit Budget Template and customize it to suit your lists of income and expenses. The Nonprofit Budget Template is fully customizable, and can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Tips and Pointers for Using the Nonprofit Budget Template

  • Do your homework, and make sure you have records to back up your assertions. The Nonprofit Budget Template produces such attractive and presentable results you will no doubt want to share them with others. If you cannot justify an expense with a receipt, consider alternatives in the way you report it.
  • Be aware the template is designed for Microsoft Excel 2013 or later. You may need to upgrade your system.
  • Double check your hard copy once you have printed it. Many small errors take place between inputting data and your printout, and the hard copy may reveal weaknesses in you organization.

Download: Nonprofit Budget Template

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