October 2017 Calendar

October 2017 will be here soon and some people may have special events to plan in advance. Therefore, a 2017 calendar would prove to be very helpful. There are some special events and holidays within the month of October, and you can map them all out with an Excel October 2017 calendar template. Get it for free right here on this page!

Special Events & Holidays in October 2017

According to the October 2017 calendar, the first day of October will fall on a Sunday. The first major holiday is Columbus Day, which will be celebrated on Monday, October 9th. Columbus Day is a big holiday which celebrates Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. This special day is marked with school and business closings.

Tuesday, November 24th United Nations day is celebrated. In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 24th an official holiday recognizing the Anniversary of the United Nations. In 1971, United nations day was declared as an International Holiday.

According to the October 2017 calendar, October 28th is the day that Catholics and other Christians celebrate saint Jude Day. Saint Jude was a known martyr and many pray to him when found in impossible situations. Saint Jude adopted the name “Saint Jude the Impossible”. Mass may be celebrated on this day of recognition and prayer.

On October 31st, 2017, who can forget Halloween? Halloween has been celebrated on October 31st for decades. This special day is celebrated by people dressing up in crazy costumes. In addition, many parties are held in schools and at home. Children of all ages dress up and go “trick or treating”. This day is a great deal of fun, especially for children. Special contests may be held and prizes are awarded to those with unique costumes.

The Excel October 2017 calendar template may come in handy for those who are interested in planning events in advance. A calendar with holidays may prove to be even more useful.

Download: Excel October 2017 Calendar Template

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