Outdoor Recreation List

Planning out your activities can be extremely useful when you have the free time. If you stop to consider how long it takes to think about what you want to do, that day might have already passed you by. If you’re someone that frequently struggles with coming up with activity plans, then the Outdoor Recreation List is the perfect tool to hammer down the details of your free time. You can even use this free template to plan out the perfect spots to visit for future vacations. Download the free template by reading the instructions below.

How to Use the Outdoor Recreation List

To download the free template file to your computer, simply click the link at the bottom of your screen. Once you have the document saved to your computer, click the file to open the Outdoor Recreation List for editing.

At the bottom of the template, you’ll see three tabs. Start in the “Activity Type” tab. This pages will store all your activity types so you can easily group activities together and select them in the next tab with just a drop-down menu. Start by going through the table and adding things you like to do. If you have a passion for painting, for example, add “Paint for an Hour,” and you can add that to your activities schedule later on.

The “Activity Detail” tab is where you will actually list out your activities in depth. Start by numbering your activities chronologically, then begin filling out the name, type, location, etc. of your vacation/schedule.

Once you have everything ready to go, you will get a simplified overview of all your information in the final “Activities Summary” tab. Here, you can easily change the types of activities you view, as well as the location.

So what are you waiting for? The perfect journey is just waiting to be planned.

Download:  Outdoor Recreation List

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