Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

Keeping minutes is a valued task of an administrative assistant or minute keeper. It is a special skill to accurately record a concise, but thorough, account of a business meeting. Staff members can appreciate having a typed up document for their own record. Using an Outlook meeting minutes template makes completing minutes and sending them out to multiple parties quite simple and saves time.

Everything you need to have a detailed account of a meeting with a professional appearance is arranged for you to complete on the template. Simply fill in the necessary information and email it to the appropriate recipients.

How to Use Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

The Outlook meeting minutes template is a template created on Outlook that is easy to use and can be downloaded right from this site. Downloading it from this page is free to you. The template is also completely customizable.

Here are some steps to use a guideline when filling out the Outlook meeting minutes template:

  • Type in the names of the recipients in the “to” section toward the top, right under the toolbar. Fill in the names of the individuals you want to send a carbon copy, for instance, the facilitator or supervisor.
  • Create and enter your subject line.
  • Enter in the title of the meeting in the place provided.
  • In the table labeled minutes, fill in the corresponding information in the spaces provided. For instance, there are spaces available to record who called the meeting, the type of meeting it was, and the names of the facilitator, note taker, timekeeper, and the attendees.
  • In the table labeled agenda topics, input your minutes of the discussion and the conclusions made respectively in the spaces provided.
  • Review and send the email out.

Tips for Using the Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

  • Record minutes from each topic of discussion, along with the conclusion, in the order in which they were discussed.
  • You may create a group for the attendees/recipients of the outlook meeting minutes to avoid having to type in a long list of names email addresses each time you send out the massive email.
  • Remember that everything is customizable. You are able to edit the wording and table headings.
  • Customize the font or color to further personalize the template to your liking.

Download: Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

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