Oversized Postcard

Available here for download is an oversized postcard template that you can download and use for free. It is easy to use and can be fully customized to your business. Here is a run down of how to use this file and a couple of tips to make it stand out even more.

How to Use the Oversized Postcard Template

Download the file from our website and open it up on your computer. If you have software that is compatible with Microsoft Publisher 2003, you will see the general outline of what your oversized postcard will look like. You will need to create your own title to replace the text special offer title and some information you wish to get across to take the place of product/service information. When you get to the main part of the document, there is a spot you can put your organization’s name and your company’s tag line right below that.

The main text of the document should contain a brief description of your product and services, as well as benefits that you can provide for customers. Just below that, there is another place you can put your company’s name and even a logo if you like. At the bottom, make sure to replace the text that is there with important information like phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and the address of the company. This will help anyone interested in your services contact you.

Tips for Using the Oversized Postcard Template

If you would like to change the pictures on the document to ones of your actual employees, you can easily do so. Take a couple pictures with a digital camera around the workplace and find a couple that fit the document well. You may have to do some re-sizing to make them fit perfectly, but this will add a very authentic feel to this postcard. In the body of the document, you can offer a discount on services if they present this postcard at the time of purchase. This may help facilitate business for you while you advertise.

The oversized postcard template that is available here for download could not be easier to use. It is a quick little tool to help you get your information to your prospective clients. Print a few out and start spreading the word.

Download: Oversized Postcard

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