Party Planner Template

Are you planning the party of the year but at a loss for organizing all of those important details? Are you overwhelmed by the thought that you might miss something? Welcome to your very own personal party planning assistant: the Party Planner Template in a convenient Excel format. It will not only help organize the details of your awesome party, but will help keep you on track to ensure your event is a smashing success. This party planner checklist template will put all of your worries to rest!

The party planner template is completely free and fully customizable, so that you can adjust it to fit your needs as you plan your memorable event. Given the Excel format, the template is wonderfully easy to use and readily downloadable for your use. Many interchangeable options help ease stress and keep everything in one organized place. The helpful guest list section includes the ability to track invitations, record RSVP’s, and note number of guests. What’s a party without entertainment? The music section allows you to specify format (CD, live, etc.), what items were purchased, and overall budget for entertainment. The decorations section allows you to plan out the number of decorations, which have been purchased and for how much, and stay within the allotted expenses.

Everyone is happier at a party when there’s enough to go around, so the food and drinks section of the party planner checklist template details ingredients of each item, whether it has been purchased, and enables you to keep within budget.

Planning the Perfect Party

Planning the perfect party need not bust the budget or drive you insane. With the free party planner template, you can organize everything for the social event of the year! Just a few of the many questions the party planner template helps answer are:

  • How many guests can you accommodate and therefore invite?
  • Who do you want to invite?
  • Did you send the invitations?
  • What is the theme of the party?
  • Should you bring in a band, a DJ, or have a phone docking station so anyone can play DJ for the night?
  • Is the cuisine simple finger food and hors d’oeuvres or is it a more fancy buffet?
  • Does the cuisine fit with the theme?

The free party planner template serves as your very own personal party planning assistant, allowing you to fully customize it for your needs in organizing the perfect event.

Download the Party Planner Template from Microsoft Office: Party Planner Template

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