Party Planning Survey

Planning a party requires patience and can be quite time consuming, especially if you want to throw a memorable bash. Some party preppers rely completely on details from past parties and don’t bother to meet the wants and needs of newer guests. It’s important to take into consideration what guests want to eat, drink, and listen to so that your party is the best it can possibly be.

Avoiding a lame party is easy. Planning for your bash can be done with the user-friendly Excel Party Planning Survey template. It’s a survey featuring open-ended questions to get all the information you need to properly accommodate all your guests.

Using the free Party Planning Survey

With the party planning survey, you’ll be able to provide all kinds of entertainment to keep your bash going. It’s an open-ended questionnaire, so the guests will have to fill in an answer that’s not just a simple yes or no. Download the party planning template below and open it in Excel.

  • After opening the survey, you’ll find out that it really doesn’t take a lot of time to get answers from your guests. Under the Survey header, you’ll see a placeholder for party information.
  • Insert the date of the party and the location. If the date of the party or the location is  tentative, just type in TBD (to be determined).
  • The questions are the last area of discussion for the party survey template. There are currently four queries to be answered that will provide a great deal of necessary data. If you feel you need to add more questions, you can do it in a snap.

Party Planning Survey Template Tips

  • Since the survey is created in Microsoft Excel, users can easily customize it. The template backgrounds are different shades of blue and can be changed using color tools.
  • Add an assortment of pictures to personalize your survey. Show pictures from previous parties to let people know what you’re all about!

Download: Party Planning Survey

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