Patient Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction is what keeps people coming back. It is critical to have a full grasp of what is working in your office and where there are areas that need improvement. The best source to find out this information is from is the actual client or patient. A Patient Satisfaction Survey is a simple tool to use that will ensure you and your office is up to standard and creating a positive relationship with your patients. Your clients will appreciate the role they will play in offering feedback.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey is designed to take very little time to fill out and minimal effort by your patient. The Patient Satisfaction Survey is simple to understand and ensures you will be known for offering a high level of customer satisfaction.

How to Use the Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • The template is free to use
  • The template is easy to use, simply click the download button to add this template to your files, then retrieve and print when you are ready to use
  • The template offers a design that is quick and simple for your patients to read and fill out
  • The form is designed to easily gain insight on the areas of concern, you are in control of setting the topics and areas of interest

Tips for Using the Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • The template prints to a full-sized page, yet professional in appearance. It is up to you how you request the forms to be filled out. The form could be added to the batch of paperwork your patients normally fill out or sat by the sign-in sheet or magazines, making it an option to participate in the survey.
  • The survey fits in a standard sized envelope and can be mailed to patients with a stamped return envelope. This is an easy addition to a newsletter from your office or announcements, such as hour changes.
    Ideas for Successful Use of Information Gathered
  • Look for repeated concerns. For example, if only one person doesn’t like the hours of operation, it could just be that one person.
  • Once you’ve gather a decent amount of surveys, put them to use. Study what changes need to be made, and within reason find a way to implement a way to meet client request.
  • Include all staff on what is lacking in your service. Have a staff meeting to address. It is often the receptionist and office clerks that know your patients best and how to solve minor issues.

Download: Patient Satisfaction Survey

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