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FREE Payroll Template

Running a business can be difficult and stressful. Many people who have large businesses in particular will know what a headache is can be to organize salaries, hours and everything else to do with your employees. With this payroll template, keeping track of payroll will be easy and painless.

Using the template couldn’t be easier. You can download it for free for your Microsoft Excel program, and doing so is miraculously easy. The Excel payroll template includes everything you will need to successfully track the payroll of all your employees. Free payroll templates include a comprehensive list of headings and sections to help you successfully manage your payroll. The payroll template gives you the ability to make a headcount summary. Within this, there is a section to cover each of the possible departments in a business. It includes an executive section, a finance section, a human resources section, an I.T. section, an accounting section, and a sales section, among others.

Within these sections, you can record how many people work in each of your departments, as well as how much money you are allocating to that section. After this, you can summarize the data for each department. You can include the total number of employees in each department, as well as all the important final figures you need to keep track of. Also included in one of these free payroll templates is a handy bar chart that will let you track the salaries and benefits of your employees at a glance.

Using the Excel payroll template is simple and the following tips will make it even easier for you:

    • Have all your business details ready and organized.
      • Make sure you enter the details accurately.
        • Let the template calculate totals for you.
          • Make use of the included bar chart to help you see your payroll totals.
            • Make use of the quarterly metrics section to divide up the payroll finances for the year.

            Using the payroll template properly will mean that you will be able to keep track of the payroll for any kind of business.

            Download the Payroll Template from Microsoft Office: Payroll Template

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