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With life pulling all of us in different directions of ‘have to’, ‘need to’, and ‘want to’, it can be difficult to keep track of our expenses and plan savings for the future. Saving receipts and jotting down notes can result in an end of the month scramble to balance the checkbook, pay the remaining bills, and still have some flexible spending for a day of fun. An effective, easy-to-use personal budget is just what is needed to tie loose ends and financially stay on track.

How To Use the Free Personal Budget Worksheet for Excel

The personal budget worksheet is accessible and user-friendly. With easy customization and ways to make the budget work best for you, the personal budget worksheet excel is everything you will need to take control of household finances. After downloading the free personal budget worksheet, open the file in Excel. The personal budget worksheet excel is customizable and covers areas of your expenses, such as:

  • Income: Wages, Interest
  • Home: Mortgage, Utilities
  • Daily Living: Groceries, Child Care
  • Transportation: Gas, Insurance
  • Entertainment: Cable, Movies
  • Health: Co-payments, Prescriptions

Tips on Using the Free Personal Budget Worksheet

  • To best utilize the worksheet, simply add your monthly budget for each area (Income, Home, Daily Living, etc.) in the appropriate cell.
  • If an unnecessary budget item is listed, right click on the numbered row and select ‘delete’.
  • If a necessary budget item is not listed, you can type over any of the existing cells, or right click on the numbered row where you’d like to add a expensive item and select ‘Insert’. A new row will be created and you’ll be able to identify the row by name.
  • At the end of each month, scroll to the bottom of your personal budget worksheet and track any short or extra cash to catch future misses!
  • The personal budget worksheet excel can be used for budget planning or tracking. Project your future expenses for the month or track every expense as the days pass by. With easy customization, you can be proactive or reactive with your budgeting.
  • By tracking your expenses monthly, you’ll be able to better project which months to take vacation, catch up on home repairs, and spend some extra cash.

Download the Personal Budget Worksheet from Microsoft: Personal Budget Worksheet

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