Personal Expense Report

The Personal Expense Report is a simple and straightforward method for organizing every financial element in your life and finding new ways to meet your goals. This template skips all the fancy tools that just get in the way and gets right to business. All you have to do is enter a dollar amount in each category and you’ll be ready to continue with your day. Finances are finally made easy with this all-inclusive template!

How to Use the Personal Expense Report

Each column after “C” represents a specific month. You can use this template to monitor you income and expenses from month-to-month from a quick glance!

Start by entering your income information. The “C” column has listed many examples but you can add or change any of these by clicking inside the desired cell and start typing new information. The items you can list in this category are: salary/income, benefits, bonuses, tax refunds, and much more. All of your income types will be added up and calculated in the last row of this section in the “Total Income” row, displayed for you to review each month.

The next section is where you will enter all of your recurring expenses. Again, you can change any of these to fit your specific lifestyle using the same method mentioned above. Go through this section and change or enter your common expenses and their corresponding dollar amounts for that month. Your total expenses will be calculated at the bottom as well.

The template will automatically take the totals from your income and expenses and give you the net amount you earned every month. At the very end of the template there will be a complete overview of this information for the entire year. This section is highlighted in yellow for your convenience. No extras or fillers, the Expense Report is here to help you organize your finances as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Top 3 Features of the Personal Expense Report

  • Simple design is easy to customize
  • All your information is located on one page
  • Calculates totals for the entire year as well as each month

Download: Personal Expense Report

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