Personal Financial Status

Now you can track the status of your personal finances with the free Personal Financial Status. This free template tracks your account information in real-time so you are never left second-guessing yourself when it comes time to pay the bills. This document offers an escape from the worry that typically comes with managing your own funds. After a while of use, you will be able to start analyzing trends in your spending habits and make adjustments from there. If you’re ready to start making a meaningful difference in your finances, then download this free template today.

Personal Financial Status Guide

The free template is available by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page. Once you have the document in hand, you are ready to get started.

Begin by entering the information required by the “Chart Data” tab. This just keeps your account information up-to-date.
Next, start at the top of the Personal Financial Status tab, and enter all the information that is listed in the first table that you see within the template. In this first section of the document, there will be a space to enter your different income accounts, such as checking, savings, and any others that you can think up.

The template will automatically total all the calculations for you. You will also notice some drop-down menus at the bottom of the template. This will allow you to select other functions as well, such as averaging the amounts and many other options.

Now, scroll down to the second table in the template and enter your expenses as they appear in the first column of the template.
You will enter the date, the description, the amount, and the account you used.

All that data will be applied to the bar graph that you see to the left of the page. This displays how much of your total that you’ve spent so far.

You can see a monthly review of your expenses in the “Monthly Summary” tab with graphs that outline the amount in your accounts to display your spending habits from month to month.

Download: Personal Financial Status – MS

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