Personal Letterhead

A Personal Letterhead is a great way to express yourself and provide important contact information on the letters you send to others. Instead of sending a simple black and white email to your colleagues and friends, use this template to create a letter with your name and contact information in an easy to read, accessible fashion. Also, the eye catching Header and Footer will help ensure your letter is read.

Customizing the Person Letterhead Template is an effortless task. Download the Personal Letterhead Template from this webpage, for free, and start sending your personal letters with your own personal touch.

How to Use the Personal Letterhead Template for Word

  • First, open the Personal Letterhead Template file that you downloaded from this website.
  • Second, double-click within the customizable Header fields and enter your relevant personal information.
  • Third, double-click the “[Click to select a date]” field within the body of the template. You can select a date to place in your letter, which will appear above the content of the letter.
  • Fourth, double-click the “[Recipient]” field to add the name of the person you are sending the letter to.
  • Fifth, double-click within the main body text of the template to add your own text.

Tips and Additional Information About Using the Personal Letterhead Template for Word

  • If you would like to customize the font face,size of the font or color, those changes can be made to any of the text in the Personal Letterhead Template by modifying them using the Font Quick Access panel on the Word toolbar.
  • After entering your name in the “[Your Name]” field, the “[Your Name]” field under the “Warm Regards” closing will automatically be generated.
  • If your main body text is longer than one page, the template will automatically add a Footer to the subsequent pages. The Footer will look slightly different, with the bird from the Header being brought down to the Footer.
  • On top of the Footer being automatically added, a page number will also be added to subsequent pages, in the bottom right hand corner of the pages.

Download: Personal Letterhead

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