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Tales as old as time, if you need a way to keep your books organized, then the Personal Library Collection can help. If you’re a total bookworm, this template was designed with you in mind. You can quickly enter your book’s information for each new story you buy and watch as you build your own personal library. This template has the added bonus of estimating your collection’s value. You can simply enter the price of your books when you buy them and the template will automatically calculate the final total for you. The Personal Library is just a great tool for anyone looking to finally organize their library.

Using the Personal Library Collection

To download the template, just follow the link at the bottom of the page and open the file to start editing.

Everything you need to enter is displayed in the first row of the template. You can see there’s a space to number your collection in the first column and a space for the title of the book in column two.

Next, enter the type of book. You can use a system that makes sense for you, but it’s best to stick with general terms such as Romance or Sci-fi.
You will then enter the name of the author in column E. This is helpful when you need to search through your collection to discover exactly what you’re looking for.

A few optional sections you could use are the number of pages included in the book and the number of pages you’ve read. This way, in case you come back to a book years later, you’ll know exactly where you left off. There is also a space to leave the ISBN number as well.

The final column of the document is to list the price of your books as well. As mentioned earlier, the template will take the figures you enter in this section and calculate a running total at the bottom of the page.

Keep track of all your books and the specific details by downloading the free Personal Library template today.

Download: Personal Library Collection

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