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Ever take someone special out to dinner and near the end of the date, you go for your wallet only to realize you don’t have a single dollar on you? Embarrassing does not properly describe the feeling flowing through you at that moment. The best way of handling this situation is through prevention. Staying on top of your monetary transactions is more than necessary, especially with the shape of the modern economy. Don’t be a broke fool! Use the Excel Personal Money Tracker to keep your eye on how your cash comes and goes.

Using the free Personal Money Tracker

The tools that the Personal Money Tracker template uses will help you make better decisions in the future regarding the flow of your money. You can easily track all of your spending as well as monitor the accounts from where assets are coming from. Download the money tracker template and get started.

  • The Personal Money Tracker sheet is the dashboard for the entire spreadsheet. From there, set the starting cash amounts for all of your banks accounts. Don’t worry about the spending total or cash remaining right now, as the tracker template will calculate that for us.
  • Use the area under the “Cash I’ve Spent” header as a register to record all of your spending. You can use this to determine your spending habits, both good and bad. Also, use it to find out where you have wastefully blown money. Include the date for every expense.
  • The second tab, Monthly Summary, will record and display every single dollar you’ve spent and can be sorted by multiple factors. On the right side of the Account Summary table, filters are listed to display only certain types of expenses at a single time.
  • Back on the Personal Money Tracker dashboard, you’ll see a vertical bar graph on the left side. This bar uses formulas to calculate exactly how much you have left in your wallet, so you’ll know where you stand financially.

The Money Tracker is a robust, in-depth financial tool that will allow you to stay on top of your personal finances. Get it free today and reduce your chances of making bad financial decisions!

Download: Personal Money Tracker

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