Pet Sitter Checklist

The Pet Sitter Checklist

For many pet owners, going out of town can be stressful. To help to minimize the stress, try using a pet sitter checklist. The template is free to download, and is customizable. By downloading this easy to use template here, it is possible to leave our beloved furry companions safely at home.

A pet sitter checklist is not only handy to have a home, it can also be used in boarding kennels and in pet day care centers. Anywhere an animal is cared for can benefit from the use of a pet sitter template.

Tips for Using the Pet Sitter Checklist

There are a few things that should always be included on the template to help ensure the health and happiness of the pets.

  1. The template should always include an emergency contact number. Even though the pet owner’s phone number may be listed, it is a good idea to include a local emergency number.
  2. Try to list the expected return date home if possible.
  3. Make sure to include a section for general information about the animal. On the pet sitter checklist include mealtimes, and how often the animal gets a snack or treats. Medications and known allergies can also be listed in the general information section.
  4. It is also a stressful time for pets, and the pet sitter checklist can help the pet to adjust to your absence. Listing favorite toys and hiding spots can help the pet sitter become better acquainted with your pet.
  5. If the animal is used to walks and outdoor exercise, the pet sitter template is a great place to write down the route that is normally taken.
  6. Include a signature on the pet sitter checklist that allows the pet sitter to seek emergency treatment for your pet in case of an emergency.

Pet sitter checklists can help to relieve some of the stress that is often associated with leaving a pet behind. Customizable to fit any pet’s needs and easy to use and download, it’s possible to leave your pet behind without the excessive worrying that normally accompanies this.

Pet sitter checklists are great ways to be certain that all the information is in one easy place.

Download: Pet Sitter Checklist

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