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business plan photography

business plan photographyPhotography business plan

Starting your photography business can be assisted with books and software. You are not alone.  Don’t let creating your Photography Business Plan intimidate you!

Below is a book resource to help you develop & refine your business plan for your photography business!  Good luck!!!

The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan

Dane Sanders has written a wonderfully reviewed book: The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan: Build a Successful Photography Venture from the Ground Up to help you initiate your new business!

Here are some excerpts from this book on

As a young photographer who’s looking to build a photography business, this book by Dane Sanders has been an invaluable purchase. There are many different aspects to running a photography business – from actually taking photos, to dealing with clients, to planning shoots, to hiring assistants and makeup artists, to dealing with finances – the spectrum is broad. This book, while not comprehensive, provides useful hints and tips for structuring your photo business. It won’t tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, but rather it provides a model for business and a push forward that will get you on your feet. –> Read the full review on using this link: Business Plan Photography

 I read this in about a week, took a little while to do all of his exercises and such. The way Dane writes is easy to read and understand, and his theories are a perfect match for me. After reading it I can say with confidence my photography business is going to do well in the future because of the changes I’m making due to this book. –> Read this full review on using this link: Photography Business Plan

Buy this book on by using this link: Business Plan Photography


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