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Microsoft Pilot Logbook

The personal pilot logbook Excel template is the all-in-one solution to a pilot’s logging needs. This handy, easy-to-use template will allow you to spend more time concentrating on flying and less time documenting the flight. The pilot logbook from Microsoft also helps you save money. You can get the logbook for free by clicking the link located on this page.

Make your next journey a successful one with the Microsoft personal pilot logbook Excel template from MyExcelTemplates.com!

How to Use the Pilot Logbook from Microsoft

After you’ve downloaded the complimentary pilot logbook by clicking the link available on this page, the spreadsheet will open in Microsoft Excel. Little more than a basic knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Excel is necessary to begin using the logbook right away. With easily distinguishable sections throughout the logbook, inputting information couldn’t be easier.

The three major focal points of the Microsoft pilot logbook include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Event

All three sections can be displayed in the order you choose. For example, you can display dated items from oldest to newest and vice versa. If you use a color-coded system for logging, you can sort information out by hue.

Some of the things you may want to include in your personal pilot logbook Excel template include the type of aircraft, its registration, the route and duration of the flight, the category and class of the aircraft and the type of piloting time.

The personal pilot logbook Excel template is completely customizable. It can be altered or arranged in any way that will make logging information easier and more convenient. You have plenty to focus on, arranging your logbook before takeoff shouldn’t take up any of your valuable time.

Get the Microsoft Pilot Logbook for Free Today!

Pilots have enough that they need to be worried about. A simple logbook shouldn’t be one of those things. Stay organized with the pilot logbook from Microsoft. Download the Microsoft logbook for free right here at MyExcelTemplates.com today!

Download: Pilot Logbook

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