P&L Statement

P&L Statement

A P&L (profit and loss) statement is an important part of any business and is used to help people determine what aspects of their business are the most profitable and what areas are losing money.

This is one of our most popular templates for a good reason: it’s both easy to use and fully customizable. Download this spreadsheet now and it will be ready to use in just seconds. Download this P&L statement herefor free.

A P&L statement can be formed by using your other financial reports. Businesses and accounting firms regularly use these statements for analyzing actual profits as well as making predictions. This statement takes the guesswork out of calculating profits and losses and helps create a broader picture of what areas can become more profitable and efficient.

Features of this Spreadsheet

This profit and loss template allows users to accurately calculate a variety of expenditures and compare expenses to sales and revenue. Profits can be weighed against the cost of advertising, marketing, manpower and plenty of other factors. You’ll find fields to enter expenses such as wages and salaries, vendors and outside services.

The template offered here is also popular because it includes places to enter tax expenses, such as payroll, income and real estate taxes – all of which could have an impact on the bottom line.

Who Typically Uses a P&L Statement

Profit and loss statements are used in every industry imaginable. Whether you are self-employed, run a small business or work for a large corporation, the P&L principles will be largely the same.

We’re offering this profit and loss template for free as a service to our visitors. It includes everything needed to determine revenue and profits once all the expenses are considered. Aside from being ready to use as soon as it it downloaded, this template is also fully customizable, so you can delete unneeded fields and easily add your own.

Anyone who owns, or is considering owning a business will find plenty of use for this spreadsheet template and will be very pleased with how easy it is to get started.

Most of the templates you’ll find on this website are offered absolutely free and can be downloaded and put to use in just seconds. Download this great resource today, and don’t forget to check out some of our other great spreadsheets. We have options for the office, home and just for fun.


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