Place Card Template

Free Place Card Template

Any party, reception or banquet can benefit from the elegance and refinement of custom designed place cards. Using a place card template to create table assignments is the perfect way to add a formal touch to any occasion. They help keep guest seating arrangements organized and ordered to ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Utilizing place cards also helps prevent awkward seating situations from arising between guests. With a marked place for everyone, no one is left sitting at a table alone or forced to squeeze in with company they don’t enjoy. Creating the perfect seating arrangement is simple and free with the place card template available for download on this page. This beautiful template makes designing place cards easy, quick and fun.

Benefits of Using the Place Card Template

  • They are fast and easy to use which means they can be ready on a moment’s notice for any group event.
  • They are free and simple to download which makes them a quicker and more economical option than using store-bought cards.
  • They feature a beautiful heart and scroll design with black text, perfect for any elegant gathering.
  • The heart and scroll design can be color customized, allowing it to match the theme and décor of the reception, party or dinner.
  • They can be downloaded and printed at home which means they can be designed at any time, day or night.
  • They provide eight, 3.5” x 2” cards on each printed page, saving both paper and money.
  • They are designed to be used with Avery products 5881, 8373, 8869, 88220 and 88221.
  • They provide a personal feel to any event.
  • Names can be typed directly onto the template before printing thereby saving time that otherwise would have been spent in hand-writing each one.

How to Use the Place Card Template

  • Download the template and save it to the computer.
  • Begin customization by selecting a color for the design. Be sure to try several options to see which looks best with the existing event décor and theme.
  • Continue personalization by typing the name of each guest in the space provided.
  • Print the place cards and separate each one.
  • Add any desired finishing touches such as designer stamps, seals or stickers.
  • Use a seating and table chart to help organize guests.

Using a place card template is the perfect way to create a unique and personalized feel for any formal event.

Download: Place Card Template

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