Plain Personal Budget

If you want to start taking control of your finances the budget template is here to guide you through all the important topics in a nice clean sheet to record your income and expenses. This template makes all of your financial information readily available and simple to customize. Just download the free file below to get started on your very own Personal Budget. Never worry about another unpaid bill or overdraft fee again!

How to Use the Plain Personal Budget

First, you’ll want to start in the “Monthly Income” table to enter the various forms of income that contribute to your entire household. There is a space provided for up to 4 different income types. Simply click on any of the cells and start typing to change them.

The “Monthly Expenses” section is the table right below “Monthly Income”. This template has given you some very common examples of expenses. However, you can change these expenses to ones that are more common for your household by using the same method as above.

Once you have entered all of your income and expense information, the template will automatically calculate these totals and provide you with a percentage of your total income spent for that month at the top. It will also give you a total summary for your cash flow.

The graph at the bottom gives you a quick visual of all this information for the month; you’ll be up-to-date with just a quick glance of the sheet. Everything to manage your entire household income is included in one simple document!

Top Reasons to Use the Plain Personal Budget

  • Provides a percentage of income spent for the month
  • You can enter multiple income types
  • Includes examples for your expenses

Download: Plain Personal Budget

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