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Free Pleading Paper

The best way to get ready when due in court for a case is to be prepared with all documents. One of the most important papers you need to have is the pleading paper. You can easily create your own with the template that is available for free on this page. It is easy to use and customize, and up to 26 lines of information can be typed in. Prepare court documents every single time you need them. The pleading paper template is compatible with Microsoft Word 2013.

How to Use the Legal Pleading Paper Template

  • Download the pleading paper template to your computer, and save to any folder you prefer or direct to the desktop.
  • Locate the file so you can start customizing it with your own information according to the court case you are preparing for.
  • You can enter the details for attorney’s name, business address, phone and fax numbers, and email address.
  • Other areas of text to customize include the court name, jurisdiction, name of plaintiff and defendant, and other lines of pertinent information for the case. Simply enter the required details for each line as you go through the document.
  • The template has an area for up to 26 lines of additional text that can be entered. Here you will enter details pertaining to the court case.

Tips for Using the Legal Pleading Paper Template

  • The pleading paper template can be saved on your computer, and copies can be printed out to give to the appropriate people regarding the case. It can also be sent by email to the parties of interest.
  • While the file is a word document and changes to font style and color is easy, it is best to leave at default. The default font style is an accepted one to present your court documents and looks professional.

The pleading paper template is a quick way for you to create and prepare court documents. With up to 26 lines of entry per page permitted, having this template can be quite useful. It can be used multiple times to create additional court documents as needed. Download it today for free.

Download: Pleading Paper

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