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When it comes to the various kinds of letters you can send to a friend, relative or loved one, postcards tend to stand out substantially from the pack. As a sturdy, rectangular piece of paper intended for no envelope, postcards are the pedestal for embellishment in lettering. Most often, people send postcards as a quick way of expressing a greeting, salutation or simple thought, and associate them with a a particular place or theme. After all, one of the most universal tourist transactions are for postcards, splashed with graphics and language native to the location. While there’s still merit to hand picking a postcard at a local gift shop, there are no limits to the kinds of color schemes, design layouts and general sentiment you can create through an individually crafted postcard. Attached below is our download for the Postcard Template made explicitly for Microsoft Word from Template Word from

Why Download the Postcard Template Word Versus Buy a Pre-Made One?

While buying a postcard for a friend or loved one remains a popular route for sending letters, you can create all the dazzling visuals and personal sentiment found in the best pieces – all from the comfort of your own home computer.

  1. The Postcard Template Word is absolutely FREE. The card can be easily downloaded at no charge to our customers.
  2. The Postcard Template Word is 100% editable. Although the card comes packaged with a pre-made layout, font selection and color scheme, the editing tools available through Microsoft Word allow individuals the ability to switch-out, keep or alter any text, font, color or graphic.
  3. The Postcard Template Word can be duplicated several times. Looking to produce a high number of postcard designs for your business? The Postcard Template Word can be printed out several times from your home computer, or sent to a copier or scanner.

Crucial Components to Crafting a Compelling Postcard with Microsoft Word

Postcards (especially the kind you can craft from the Postcard Template Word) were meant to be seen right away. Given this, it’s important to keep a couple key factors in mind when designed your own.

  • Catch your reader’s eye right off the bat. Include splashy, eye-catching graphics, colorfully bold fonts, and alluring phrases. Looking for some inspiration? Head down to your local gift shop and browse the selection of postcards. Spot any graphic, font or color trends?
  • Keep it short and snappy. Postcards are hardly a template for a drawn-out, metaphor-filled love letter. Consider keeping your salutation and message short and sweet.
  • Keep it sturdy. Although the Postcard Template Word will provide a dynamic and colorful face for your card, consider if attaching the design to a sturdier support. Due to the fact that they’re not protected by an envelope, most postcards are required to be somewhat sturdier in the mail.

Download: Postcard-Template

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