Powerplugs Charts

Powerplugs Charts

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Powerplugs Charts create visually stunning charts without the assistance of a graphic artist! Use this powerplug in conjunction with Excel and PowerPoint to create 2D and 3D charts that will set your project ahead of the pack!

Buy your PowerPoint Powerplugs for only $99.00!

PowerPlugs: Charts has over 100 pre-formatted 2D & 3D chart templates organized into 11 categories:

  • Basic,
  • Big Data Set,
  • Corporate,
  • Gradients,
  • Letter Size Black and White,
  • Letter Size Color,
  • Models,
  • Rendered,
  • Surveys,
  • Textured
  • and Trend lines.

PowerPlugs: Charts lets you choose over 31 chart types based on the following types of categories:

  • Area,
  • Bar,
  • Bubble,
  • Column,
  • Histograms,
  • Lines,
  • Pies,
  • Scatter,
  • and Surface.

Its unique Data Analyzer feature can automatically recommend the best type of chart to use for your data set.

With PowerPlugs Charts, you’ll soon find it astonishingly easy to produce television-quality charts and graphs right from within PowerPoint and Excel!

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