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Free Presentation Checklist

The purpose of a business presentation is to talk about specific subject of product. One thing to keep in mind is the creation of a presentation checklist. One way to do this is to use Excel, which is available in Microsoft Office. Anyone who wants to present a smart image will need to use a template which can be easily customized.

Customizing a presentation checklist allows the finished product to be unique based on the audience or purpose for a presentation. Many times the use of a standard template will not offer the features needed to present information in different ways. A checklist template provides any individual with an easy and fast way to make a presentation which is eye-catching.

How to Use the Presentation Checklist Template

Every presentation will have three aspects that are important. A user will need to enter information in a specific way. The first thing to do is enter a name for the presentation and then save the file.

  • A standard presentation will need a beginning. This is what a presenter will tell the audience. Enter an overview of what will be included in the presentation.
  • The next section of the checklist is the middle. This is where information is the most detailed in the template. Enter at least three points about the topic and basic information about each point.
  • A conclusion is the last part of the template that will be completed. This is where presenter will enter a summary of the content that was just presented to the audience.

Tips for Using the Presentation Checklist Template

A presentation checklist is not complete until is has been thoroughly edited for basic errors and to make sure all the information is accurate.

  • Add photographs to specific areas in the presentation that will have a big impact.
  • Simple charts can be added in the template to explain a particular point or to emphasize a point or important piece of information.
  • Presenters may use PowerPoint to enhance a presentation. Enter any keyboard shortcuts in the template to use for reference. This will allow the presenter to quickly bring up slides or images for any point made in the presentation.

Many companies have marketers and other personnel who will be making a presentation to clients and to peers. Our presentation checklist template is available for download which can be used to create a customized presentation.

Download: Presentation Checklist

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