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Free Press Release Template

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This Press Release Template, available here, is your first step in becoming a part of the media sphere! When trying to get information or news to the media, there is a certain sort of politics that must be followed! The presentation and delivery of the information is sometimes just as important as the information, itself. Remember, in a press release you are trying to “sell” the most exciting and interesting information to the media. You are pitching them an idea and hoping they take the bait and further report on the information given to them. That is where this easily customizable Press Release Template comes in handy. By downloading this Press Release Template now you can start your very first press release and get your name onto the media scene!

Using the Press Release Template

You want your news to be easily identifiable and so the first and most important bit of information you should insert into your template is your [COMPANY LOGO/NAME]. There is a large section for this at the top of the page. That is because you want the media to immediately recognize the source of this press release. With so many people vying for media attention, your first step is to stand out!

Next you simply need to input your: Contact, Telephone No.’s, Email and Company Website. Exclude or include information based on your personal business profile. Insert the date for “Immediate Release.” Include a professional title addressing the information in the press release.

It is important to be as direct and concise as possible. Avoid rambling. You want the person reading this to immediately understand the subject of the press release. Use the “subtitle header” section on the Press Release Template to include specific or noteworthy information. Insert the [City/State, DATE] to whom this release is addressed. Follow the remaining prompts/instructions on the Press Release Template to finish filling out the information for your press release.

Don’t be thrown off by the term “boilerplate message”. A boiler plate message is simply a formation of text that can be used over and over again without having to be changed. For example, a company slogan or specified contact information.

Download your free Press Release Template, now!

Download: Press Release Template

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