Primary Results Tracker

If the primary elections have you hanging by the edge of your seat, the Primary Results Tracker template is exactly what you need to ease your mind. The simple structure of this template gives you a way to enter all the voting results for each state. Everything is laid out for you to open, read, and quickly begin entering all the important information.

All the 2016 candidates have been laid out for you so all you need to do is keep up with the latest results and enter them into this template. It’s just that simple. Best of all, you can re-use the results Tracker every election year by simply filling in the new candidate names. Click the link below to get started.

Primary Results Tracker Guide

After you’ve successfully downloaded the Results Tracker, you can begin editing the information you want to include. If you don’t want to follow the results of a certain candidate or wish to delete them, simply click inside the cell and press the “Backspace” key.

You’ll first notice that all the states are located to the column furthest to the right. In the header row is where you’ll find the names of each presidential candidate.

After the results of each state’s primary election, you will enter the percentage of votes each candidate received in the corresponding state’s cell.

The Results Tracker template has been formatted to list percentages when you type a number into the document. Simply list that percentage; there is no need for tedious calculations.

Finally, the bottom row will add up all the percentages to give you a clear total. You can see which candidate received the most votes for all 50 states. This way, you can accurately monitor and predict who will win their party’s nomination for presidential candidate.

Note, when comparing the totals for candidates at the bottom remember that the democratic and republican candidates should be analyzed individually since these are only the primary elections.
Now you have all the tools you need to monitor the primary elections this year.

Download: Primary Results Tracker

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