Printable Christmas Gift List Template

Printable Christmas Gift List Template

Shopping during the holiday season can unfortunately be one of the most stressful times of the entire year. Often times, friends or loved ones you intended to purchase gifts for get left out. With a printable Christmas gift list template, everyone will be sure to have something under the tree this year.

Shoppers will love this printable Christmas gift list template for two major reasons: The template can be downloaded instantly, so that will at least get one trip or stop out of the way. The printable list is also free, so you will have more money to spend on the people you care about the most.

Filling Out the Printable Christmas Gift List TemplatePrintable Christmas Gift List Template screenshot

The printable holiday gift shopping list available right here simply could not be easier to use. Running down the vertical column to the left is the area in which you will place the names of those that you wish to get gifts for. For example, “Mom and Dad” and “Grandma and Grandpa” are pre-loaded into the template, but all the names can be changed to who you are planning to shop for.

Along the horizontal line are names for six different columns and categories. The titles include:

  • Gift Ideas
  • Store Name or URL
  • List Price
  • Purchased (Y/N)
  • Wrapped (Y/N)
  • Shipping?

The space for gift ideas is reserved for typing or jotting down what you would like to purchase each respective person. The store name or URL column is reserved for noting where the item is available. The next column is to mark down how much the item or items are currently being sold for. Jotting this down could prove to be beneficial if you happen to print the list off and find the item going for a higher price at the store. The “Purchased” column is reserved for marking down whether or not the item has been bought. The “Wrapped” and “Shipping” columns follow the same idea.

This holiday shopping list can be completely customized. You can add or remove slots for those you’re shopping for, or add or remove columns to make the shopping experience as painless as possible.

Download: Printable Christmas Gift List Template

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