Process Diagram Template

Ever since people started using Instagram and a variety of other visual applications to get their point across while communicating, people that give presentations have been increasingly including more and more visual cues in their work. Pictures and text are a very good way to facilitate understanding and keep the audience engaged. The Process Diagram Template for PowerPoint is one of the first very graphic-centric templates to come out. It allows people to use a blend of pictures, text and blocks representing a process to explain the flow of work or responsibility in an organization. The Process Diagram Template is easy to customize and it can be downloaded for free from this page.

How to Use the Process Diagram Template for PowerPoint

  • Open the template and take a look at the blocks that are available to you. If the process steps are not what you want, either change them, add to them or subtract from them as necessary.
  • Take a look at the pictures in the template and right click on one and select properties. Note the size of the pictures. Import your own pictures that match that size. If they do not match your size immediately and clarity isn’t all-important, you can shrink the picture within PowerPoint by clicking on an edge and moving the cursor inward.
  • Add your text descriptions for each step in the process. Try to keep your descriptions quite brief.

Tips for Using the Process Diagram Template for PowerPoint

  • You can customize your company information on the left hand side of the slide below the overall title information.
  • You can set each block to link to another slide so that when it is clicked on or touched on a tablet, it will take you to that step in the process. In that sense, the diagram can be used as a visual menu of sorts.
  • This template can be used to display other types of presentations that don’t normally seem like a business process. One example would be a cooking presentation. The recipe and how it is made could be visually displayed using the template.

Download: Process Diagram Template

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