Professional Email Signature Template

Nearly everyone needs to write professional emails in today’s technologically driven workplace. However, presenting a polished and professional image via email is confusing and difficult for many. Take the guesswork out of creating a personalized email signature with the Professional Email Signature Template available for free on this page.

This template includes several email signature layouts, with and without space for pictures and quotes, and with options to include as much or as little contact information as desired, making it quick and easy for anyone to create a professional, personalized email signature perfect for any position or personality.

How to Use the Professional Email Signature Template Outlook Document

  • First, download the free, easy-to-use Professional Email Signature Template Outlook Document from this page.
  • Second, decide what information to include in your personalized signature such as phone numbers, email addresses, or office address. Consider including a professional head shot or inspiring quote to add a personal touch.
  • Third, choose a layout from the template to fit the information desired. Fill out the signature, adding new fields or removing extra ones to totally personalize your professional email signature. Carefully proofread for typing errors, and save the finished product as your Outlook signature.

Tips for Using the Professional Email Signature Template Outlook Document

  • Using a professional head shot in your email signature can help with networking at professional events by making you more recognizable, and makes a better impression on clients by providing a more personable, ‘face to face’ feel.
  • Carefully check spelling of email addresses and street names and make sure phone and fax numbers are accurate in your signature. Typos in these areas not only look unprofessional but also make it hard for colleagues and potential clients to contact you.
  • Before sending any professional emails to clients or colleagues with your new signature, send an email with your new signature to yourself to be sure all formatting, fonts, and images are appearing as expected.

Every professional needs a professional email signature. Make it simple to create yours by using the free Professional Email Signature Template Outlook Document and get back to the important things faster.

Download: Professional Email Signature Template

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