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FREE Project Plan Template

For people who work in business and need to plan a project of any kind, using a project plan template can make your job easier. Everyone in business knows that planning a project can be difficult. There are so many different aspects to think about when planning a project, that it can be difficult to know how to go about organizing and planning every part of it well. Using a project planning template will help you to effectively plan and layout your details.

The project plan template Excel is free to download and easy to use. You can use your Microsoft Excel program to customize your project plan template for your own use. There are different tab worksheets available on the project planning template. Using the project parameters tab, you can divide up your project in terms of who you are going to need to employ to do what. You will be able to designate how much of your overall budget is needed for different things. If you have to juggle many different projects as part of your job, the project plan template Excel allows you to make a list of all the projects you have, and keep track of all the details about each one, such as the estimated budget, time frame and project type.

You can then use the project tracking tab to keep track of the same details in real time. The planned project totals tab is where you can make a list of the breakup of your funds and your predicted total expenditure, and then use the actual project totals to compare your estimates to reality. You can also make good use of bar charts to keep track of the hours your employees will do and your billing details for them.

Tips for Using the Project Plan Template:

  • Make use of each of available tabs. You can keep track of all your figures accurately by doing this.
  • Allow Microsoft Excel to calculate your totals for you. This will save you time.
  • Have all of your facts and figures ready and accurate before you use the template.

You can really keep track of your estimated and actual project related expenditure using this template, and it will save you hours in your work day.

Download the Project Plan Template from Microsoft Office: Project Plan Template

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