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Free Project Scope Statement

The project scope statement template is just two pages long and includes everything you need in order to promote a new project that you believe should take place. You can use the template in order to outline everything that you would like to see done, and state who will be affected by the project. The template does include the instructions needed in order to fill it out properly and to it’s fullest. You can edit the template to fit your needs. You will have a walk through process and tips to help you use the template in order to help give your project a great look. This will ensure you get the most benefits from the project scope statement and help you get it approved by proper authorities.

How to Use the Project Scope Statement Template

  • Place your company name at the top of the template on the left side.
  • You can enter in the date that you are completing the template.
  • On the Overview you will see the following listed:
  1. Project Background and Description
  2. Project Scope
  3. High-Level Requirements
  4. Deliverables
  5. Affected Parties
  6. Affected Business Processes or Systems
  7. Specific Exclusions from Scope
  8. Implementation Plan
  9. High-Level Timeline or Schedule
  • Next is your Approval and Authority to Proceed section. In this section, you will collect the names, titles, and date the individual approved the project.
  • Signatures can be added to the very bottom of the template.

Tips for Using the Project Scope Statement Template

  • Under each section under the overview, will have the instructions needed for you to follow.
  • If you follow the tips, the template will be easier to use. However, the information can be edited.

The project scope statement template is easy-to-use, and it is 100-percent customizable. You will be able to customize the template to fit your needs. The project scope statement template can be downloaded for free right off of this page. Be sure to download your free template today!

Download: Project Scope Statement

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