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Managing multiple projects is not a simple task. Keeping track of the progress of these projects can be daunting at times, unless you have the proper tools to stay on top of your tasks. Our Project Tracker Tool is great for freelancers of any kind, as well as contractors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a web designer or carpenter, the Excel Project Tracker tool template will have you delivering your projects and tasks on time with all the necessary documentation.

In coordination with proper correspondence, the tracker template will have you documenting all the necessary information regarding every part of your project. Don’t miss a deadline again!

Using the Excel Project Tracker Tool

All you have to do to get the template is download it from the end of this article. It’s a spreadsheet document, so open it in Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can open it with other spreadsheet software. Let’s get you started working with the tracker tool template.

  • Note the simple layout. There’s room for documentation of four projects, each split up into multiple tasks. Add as many projects as your heart desires.
  • Insert a task by typing in a date, a priority, title, and details. Set a deadline for the task as well as the percentage of completion the task is currently at.
  • In the section regarding Cost and Hours, type in how many hours you’ve worked as well as the costs.
  • Repeat this process for future tasks.

Project Tracker Tool Template Tips

  • To get the most of out the tracker template, use it as much as possible. Every time you make progress in your projects, input any new information about the task. This will keep the template up to date.
  • Share the template with the project manager, colleagues, and clients. Keeping others up to date on the status of the project will likely keep everyone involved much happier.
  • Save the template often after making a status update. Losing any data will slow down the advancement of the project.

Download: Project Tracker Tool

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